MRT2150 + STONEPOWER drilling head



Are you aiming high?

This video presents Manitou MRT2150 + PRIVILEGE telehandler, which is equipped with Stonepower drilling rig. It is owned by Suomen Rakennevahvistus Oy.

Stonepower drilling head SC38

Intended by the manufacturer

Manitou MRT2150+Privilege mounted Stonepower SC38 drilling head is an excellent solution for drilling tasks at versatile work sites. It can be used to drill holes for explosives at excavation or blasting sites.

It provides large coverage by 360º rotating base and long reach by boom which can reach up to 23 m. In addition to that it provides agility and power and is remote controlled. It suits excellently to bolting and vertical or horizontal drilling at construction sites, canals, tunnels, mines and stone quarries through all seasons.

These features build up work effectivity and work quality. This drilling vehicle is almost indispensable at those drilling areas that can be reached only by lifts and telescopic structures. Also if driving is restricted because of demanding conditions and environment, remote control, large coverage and reach provide means to successfully get the work done.

Technical data

Drilling head's joint                                                    Stonepower

Drilling head Stonepower SC38                         Stonepower

Weight 2000 kg

Manitou MRT2150 + Stonepower drilling head SC38

Inclination of the drilling head                                Vertical and horizontal drilling
Horizontal inclination                                                  ±40º
Horizontal inclination with rotator                       ±180º
Vertical inclination                                                        125º + inclination of MRT2150's bucket
Working area                                                                  ca 398 m2
Turning basic machine                                               360º
Boom reach                                                                     6.5 – 13 m
Boom reach, up/roof                                                   ca 23 m
Boom reach, down                                                       -
Stability                                                                              Basic machine must be always parked straight while drilling or moving the boom. This drilling device can be used only on an even surface. It must be checked that the ground underneath the drilling device has a sufficient bearing capacity. Outriggers must be down while drilling or moving the boom. Outriggers must be up and the boom with the drilling head must be packed into the transportation position while driving.


Engine's supplementary heater (option)           Webasto
Remote control for supplementary heater (option)


LS-pump                                                                         Hawe V60N-110RSFN-2-0-03



Compressor                                                                  Dynaset HKR2500/10-67
Capacity                                                                          2500 l/min
Pressure MAX                                                              10 bar
Pressure with nominal flow                                   205 bar
Pressure without load                                              130 bar
Oil flowNOM                                                                  67 l/min (min 35 – max 80)
TemperatureMAX                                                      70º
Air-oil - separator                                                       Dynaset 85485
Oil filter                                                                            Dynaset N32047/1511
Air filter Donaldson                                                   FPG070006
      standard Donaldson                                           P772579
      safety Donaldson                                                P775300

Rock drill Drillcom RD32T38

Drilling rods                                                                  R38 solid or extended drilling rod
Starter                                                                             4.3 m
Extended drilling rod                                                3.1 m
Borehole size                                                               41 – 68 mm (70 mm)

Drill rod handler (option)                                     Stonepower

Anti-jamming automatics                                    Stonepower


Shank lubricator                                                  Stonepower


Feeding device                                                      Stonepower

Beam length                                                                 5600 mm
Mechanical centralizer                                            Stonepower
Hydraulic centralizer (option)                               Stonepower

Feed beam zoom 1300 mm                                   Stonepower


Rotator (option)                                                    Stonepower


Angle gauge (option)                                            Transtronic

Borehole depth gauge (option)                            Transtronic


Automatic feed angle adjusting system            Transtronic


Dust collecting system                                        Stonepower

Water flushing kit                                              Stonepower


Remote control

Radiosystem                                                             HBC Radiomatic
      Transmitter                                                          Spectrum 3
      Receiver                                                                FSE727




Hose reel


Emergency-stop -functionality

Emergency-stop button at remote controller
Pull-wire emergency-stop in the drilling head


Drill steel grinder (option)                                 Dynaset HHK-200-12


Winch (option)                                                    Runwa

Manitou MRT2150 + STONEPOWER drilling head
Manitou MRT2150 + STONEPOWER drilling head
Manitou MRT2150 + STONEPOWER drilling head
Manitou MRT2150 + STONEPOWER drilling head