16 Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems

STONEPOWER safety instructions

16 Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems

Check the hydraulic and pneumatic systems regularly to exclude a possibility of leaks. Leaks must be fixed properly before taking the equipment back to use. All the instruments like air pressure, stop-cocks and other safety related components must be connected and working. Do not try to fix leaks while the equipment is switched on.

Pay attention to routing of cables and hoses in order to inhibit tightening or damaging of cables and hoses any other way. Pressure limits of the pneumatic system shall not be exceeded. It must be certified that performance figures of the hoses and all other spare parts, like an ability to endure pressure, are at least at the same level with original parts.

Before maintenance or repairing of a pneumatic or hydraulic system ensure that the pressure is down in the whole system. Do not repair or carry out maintenance under any parts of the equipment that stay up by hydraulic power. Use suitable supports. Do not remove parts of a hydraulic system before supporting properly all parts that use hydraulic pressure.

Follow the instructions of a rock drill manufacturer when you handle pressure accumulators of a rock drill.