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Environmental goals

Here you can find descriptions of environmental goals of companies whose products we use.



Reducing pollution and emissions is one of the most essential goals of our time. In product development and investments environmental values are taken into consideration better than ever before during European industrialization.  It is important for us to follow this development and make our products sustainable and more environment friendly with help of modern technology.

Ever-stricter emission regulations force to reduce the amount of dangerous ingredients in exhaust fumes, see charts on John Deere website (follow the link above). Choosing an engine which fulfills the newest emission regulations makes a big difference in the emissions.

By choosing quality oil it is possible to increase fuel economy, lengthen the age of hydraulic system and decrease the amount of waste oil. See Parker's and Donaldson's manuals for details (follow the links above).

Regular and professional maintenance of the machine has also environmental significance. Clogged filters and coolers, water and contamination in hydraulic and pneumatic systems rise the temperature and increase the amount of waste heat (over half of all the energy in the world is lost as useless waste heat). By good project management it is possible to reduce the total work time and reduce the power-on time of machines. Because of these issues it also depends on the operators decisions how much strain the machine finally puts on the environment.