Spider – Features


  • Width 2.5 m
  • Height 3.0 m
  • Transportation length 6.6 m
  • Min ground clearance 0.3 m
  • Weight with standard equipment 14 500 kg


  • 350° turnable superstructure
  • Articulated boom
  • ±40° boom swing
  • 1.3 m feed beam zoom
  • Rotator / Chain feeder turning system 360°
  • Inclination of feeding device      x = ±180°,  y = 125°
  • Max starter rod 4.9 m
  • Reach 5.5 m
  • Wall height 7.5 m
  • Bore depth 5.8 m
  • Working area ca 130 m2



  • Automatic feed angle adjusting system
  • GPS/GNSS-based system (option) for localization and steering information  (Transtronic, Carlson)
  • Hydraulic front centralizer


  • Tracks and oscillation technology provide good traction in demanding surfaces.
  • Remote control (HBC Radiomatic)
  • Firm lift rings provide safety for transports.
  • Transportation length 6.6 m
  • Min ground clearance 0.3 m
  • Curb weight 14 500 kg


  • Developed, manufactured and tested in Finnish climate conditions
  • Quality components:
    - Engine: Cummins QSB6.7
    - Compressor: Gardner Denver / Tamrotor TempestE12G
    - Pump: HAWE axial piston pump
    - Rock drills: Montabert
    - Rock splitter: Splitstone (option)
    - Central lubrication system: SKF Multilube or Lincoln
    - Transducers: Transtronic
  • Webasto, supplementary fuel-operated heater (option) with  REMUC remote control system (option)
  • Automatic anti-freeze system (option)
  • Reliability has been tested by using Stonepower equipment in northern climate for already over 10 years and by listening carefully professional operators' feedback


  • Stonepower dust collector
  • Prefiltering system for dust collector
  • Water flushing system;  in tunnels and underground flushing must be used


  • Radio remote control by HBC Radiomatic, logic by HAWE
  • Stone dust removal technology
  • Winch secures the stability of the crawler drill
  • Cummins engines fulfill the environment norms
  • Quality Kappaflex hoses and Hawe hydraulic valves minimize risks of oil spill
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Rotating superstructure declines the need for tramming and therefor declines the risk frequency related to tramming
  • Silencer for a drilling attachment (option)
  • Technical support and training directly from the manufacturer
  • Manuals
  • Safety instructions


  • Hose lengths have been minimized by optimizing valve locations.
  • Ease of reaching the maintenance targets
  • Manufacturer supports on spare parts supply, repair, service and other related technical issues
  • A large collection of pictures help to identify the service target and to maintain.
  • SKF Multilube central lubrication system
Stone spider
Stone spider