Surface drilling rigs for demanding conditions

We have worked in stone works ourselves, so we know what is required of the equipment. We realized that we were missing features that were not available on the market before. Thus, we developed StonePower surface drilling rigs for demanding northern conditions and professional requirements. We also listen carefully to what our customers want. The products have been used in the field for several years, so we have plenty of user experience to back us up.

We have invested in making the operation, maintenance and safety manuals pleasant to open and easy to read. The manuals have a wide selection of images that help you quickly find the structure of interest and understand the related work instructions. Hopefully this will help build a stress-free human-machine relationship when you get to know your new work tool.

Pleasant design

We have also spent time making sure that your future work partner is not only efficient and reliable, but also beautiful to look at. After all, you will spend many years together. Your customer is also interested in what kind of equipment you work with!

Produced in Finland

Our northern location gives us great opportunities to test our equipment in extreme climate conditions, where our customers also have to put in the effort. Final testing is carried out to every device in field conditions before handing over to the customer.

Our product range includes a machine type for all uses


Drilling diameter 45–89 mm
Drilling depth 4–26 m
Weight 14 500 kg

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Drilling diameter 41–64 mm
Drilling depth 4–14,8 m
Weight 9 400 kg

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Drilling diameter 32–64 mm
Drilling depth 3.3–4 m
Weight 6 150 kg

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Service and Support

Support from your local distributor

Your local StonePower distributor is happy to help you with technical support, spare parts, maintenance and user training.