Privacy policy

Who we are and what we do

Rockrobot Oy is a company located in Kokemäki, Finland.

Rockrobot Oy

Visitor address: Skaffarinkatu 7, 32800 KOKEMÄKI, FINLAND

Postal address: Vesimyllynkatu 2, 33310 TAMPERE, FINLAND

Tel. +358 40 588 2755


Web: FI25831337


We develop and manufacture crawler drills, other drilling rigs and related equipment. We also provide maintenance and technical support. We sell spare parts related to equipment we have manufactured.

Our intentions

Today’s software products are often made open for everyone: open to code and open to use. Each product is a small part of a huge, complex and constantly changing dynamic entity that exchanges and collects data mostly for surveillance and commercial or political purposes. Our privacy policy is therefore a sum of software providers’ privacy policies, which are listed below for you to judge whether these principles that these software providers follow, are adequate to protect your privacy.

No one can guarantee 100% security in the internet. Our motivation is constant learning and producing products that fulfill our customers needs – not collecting personal data from you! We provide web services to build a large group, which includes our customers and partners and which continuously aims to achieve and develop know-how in rock drilling. This is not possible without communication and communication mostly includes personal information of each participant. We try to minimize the amount of personal data that is in our possession. Web visitor tracking data is needed to secure the site from those users that have bad intentions and also for following market demands and trends.


Third party privacy policies


At the moment Google is maybe the best known and probably the most efficient data collector. Also in this privacy policy it is in an essential role. We have listed here the key software products that we are using in order to communicate with you. One of them uses Google analytics to provide us visitor statistics. We also use embedded Youtube videos. So, Google’s privacy policy is the one that describes best the protection level of your personal information, because it has with high probability the largest chunk of your data.

Google’s privacy policy and terms of use:


We are using WordPress to implement our web site. WordPress basic installation doesn’t include statistics.
Our website url is:
Wordpress terms of service:
Wordpress privacy policy:

We use several plugins to enhance functionality. We don’t list here all of them for security reasons; we list those that place cookies and/or follow the site traffic using some other technique. Most of software providers use cookies, if you visit their web site or download their plugin, but they don’t follow those who visit a web site that has their plugin installed – this means that they follow us but not you. We need web visitor tracking for site security and for following market trends. We follow security announcements, news and blogs, evaluate plugins’ liability, safety and functionality before and after taking them into use, follow others’ user experiences and run regular security checks in order to be able to find and use safe plugins.

Email programs and applications:

Blue mail

Mail (in Iphone)

Mail (in Android)




Social media:

Facebook and Messenger

Our Facebook url is:
Facebook’s and Messenger’s privacy policy is available here:

These Terms govern your use of Facebook and the products, features, apps, services, technologies and software that Facebook offers:


Contains data exchange with Facebook; they have the same business owners.

Our Instagram url is:

Instagram privacy policy is available here:

These Terms of Use govern your use of Instagram and provide information about the Instagram Service. When you create an Instagram account or use Instagram, you agree to these terms:


Our Pinterest url is:
Pinterest privacy policy is available here:
Terms of service:
The Pinterest app requires permissions. When the app is installed, it’ll ask you for consent. The app has access to the following data in your Android-phone (if you are using one)::


Our brochures are located here:

Issuu privacy policy:
Issuu terms of service:

Youtube channel

Our youtube channel’s url is:

Youtube privacy policy is available here:

Google, owner of Youtube, shows privacy policy and terms of service here:

What personal data we collect

You can contact us by visiting us, by calling, by mailing, by texting, by messaging, by using our web services: web site, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest pages or by Youtube channel. You can meet us at exhibitions or other trade or technology shows. In most of these cases you will leave a trace. It might be your business card or phone number, maybe an IP-address or a url for the company you are representing.

The data that we receive can be divided in two main categories:

  1. Thedatayougiveus.Itcanbeyournameandcontactdetails.Itcanalsobeacomment,anorder, an enquiry or a friend request or a comment in Facebook or any other information that you share with us.
  2. The trace you leave. You may visit our web services and our security and statistics plugins make a note of it. This data is collected to maintain safety as well for visitors as for site owners. It is also used to follow market trends.

Interactions through various media are needed in order to be able to create and deliver products that are useful and usable. Also it is possible to increase productivity through creating a safe and inspiring communication opportunities; sharing views and encouraging each other makes us stronger and more capable achieving our goals.

In addition to above mentioned possibilities you may be one of our employees, sell us something or be sponsored by us. In all of those cases we also possess your contact details. The only sensitive personal data that we have, relates to normal human relations management: sick leaves, salaries etc.


Email contains your email address and possibly your message and/or attachment. There may be more personal information in your message or attachment, if you choose to give us additional information. The application that provides mailing, collects your IP address and additional information like browser type and version in order to recognize and block spam.

We are using the following programs and applications to read and respond to your emails:

Outlook, Blue mail, Thunderbird and Mail. Emails, that contain personal information, can be divided in fifteen categories:

  1. Orders
    These may be transfered into our ERP and CRM system in order to serve our customer better and to track selling.
  2. Feedback
    These may be transfered into ERP and/or CRM systems to be used in product design, development, manufacturing and customer service.
  3. Agreement related matters
    These may be transfered into ERP and/or CRM systems in order to handle matters that fall under agreement.
  4. Job applications and CVs
    These may be transfered to employee register, if the person in question is selected for a vacant employment. If not, these are kept in mail for max three years, if they address the key selection criteria, for further jobs.
  5. Offers with contact information
    These are kept in mail, if they are considered to fill the present or the future needs.
  6. Medical certificates and absence related information
    Certificates and estimations of absence times are shared only with employees, who need this information. Emails will be deleted, when the matter has been closed and the original documents will be returned to the owner or deleted.
  7. Logistic related matters with contact information
    Contact information may be saved into ERP and CRM systems, because of book keeping (invoices) and handling logistics.
  8. Accounting related matters
    There are legal bases to keep relevant mails.
  9. Announcements
    These are kept in mail and/or transfered to CRM and/or ERP, if they are relevant.
  10. Internal and external, incoming and outgoing technical support
    These are kept in mail and they maybe transferred and/to ERP and CRM systems to be utilized in internal and/or external use, to track customers’ and employees’ technical support needs and to create and track support process.
  11. Ads
    These are kept in mail and they may be transferred to ERP and/or CRM, if they are relevant.
  12. Partnerships related information and discussion
    These are kept in mail and/or transfered to CRM in order to deepen or enhance knowhow and/or business.
  13. Person related product development issues
    These are kept in mail and/or transfered to ERP in order to deepen or enhance knowhow.
  14. Education and training, registering and course material with contact information
    These are saved for future use.
  15. Others
    Irrelevant emails are deleted, relevant mails are kept as long as they are needed in order to maintain and enhance knowhow, customer service, logistics, bookkeeping and/or daily operation.

If you want to remove your mail, contact our data controller: Petri Lehtinen, Tel +358 40 588 2755, mail


Comments contain your remarks possibly with your application specific avatar, which you have created by yourself. Platform that enables communication collects your IP address and additional information like browser type and version in order to recognize and block spam.

Facebook: Registered and logged-in visitors can comment. Comments are open for public.

Instagram: Registered and logged-in visitors can comment. Comments are open for public.

Messenger: Registered and logged-in visitors can leave Messenger private messages. These comments are not made public, unless otherwise agreed.

Pinterest: Registered and logged-in visitors can comment. Comments are open for public.

Verkkosivusto: Web site platform supports commenting, but we don’t provide visitors a chance to comment.

Youtube: Registered and logged-in visitors can comment. Comments are open for public.

If you want to remove a comment you have made, contact our data controller: Petri Lehtinen, Tel +358 40 588 2755, mail



We don’t provide visitors a chance to upload documents, pictures or videos for security reasons. If you want to share with us something, you can send us those in email and we don’t publish any of those without your consent. We try to avoid using recognizable faces in our web services without consent unless it is a link to a (magazine-type) publication or your own blog, which is encouraging and empowering. If you nevertheless find a picture among our publications, which you feel violates your privacy, let us know that and we remove that picture/document/video immediately.

Contact our data controller: Petri Lehtinen, Tel +358 40 588 2755,


Contact forms

Contact form collects your name, email address and message and mails them to people, who handle these matters in our company. We’ll delete the collected data yearly. If this contact leads to a longer customer relationship, we’ll transfer the personal data to our customer register.
If you are from a country or market area where we have a distributor, and you’ll contact our Finnish main office, we may forward you to our nearest distributor, but we’ll notice you when doing that.

Application collects personal information only from those who have installed the application (meaning us).

Cookies and other similar techniques

Cookies are tiny pieces of information stored on your computer to track activity of the browser you are using. Cookies and other similar techiques are used to implement such functionalities as counting number of web visitors and web visits or tracking which links are clicked. You can deny and/or remove the cookies by setting your browser settings. In some browsers there is a possibility to choose “Following denied”. Instructions for each browser are easily available in the internet.

There are also other techniques to follow web visits. We list here the programs and applications that observe web traffic at our web site and you can verify by reading their privacy policies whether they can offer you adequate privacy while you visit our site.

We use cookies. If you enter our web site, you’ll get cookies from, and After that the number of cookies depend on what you choose. For example if you use the link leading to our Facebook site, you’ll receive Facebook cookie.

For further details please consult the help menu in your browser or visit



WordPress collects personal information only from the installer (us), not from you.
Check WordPress cookie policy:


Embedded content from other websites

Our web site includes embedded content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.). Embedded content from other websites behaves in the exact same way as if the visitor had visited the other website.

These websites may collect data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor your interaction with that embedded content.

We have embedded material from the following sources:,,, Google Maps


We use statistics to follow web visits: how many visitors, how many times they visit, how long they stay, what products or issues are favoured. Statistics also reveal the amount and frequency of attacks as well as disfunctioning of pages. It is important to know which browsers are the most commonly used, because then we know which browsers must be tested most carefully.

Data collection, disclosure and transfer

Why we collect personal information

We collect personal information to create and maintain customer relationships, to handle logictics and HR (human resource) issues, to sponsore, to enhance our knowhow and (rock drill)business with our partners and to fill our legal oblications. We follow statistically visitors’ activities in order to protect our site and in order to learn which products and features our customers are looking for.

Where we send your data

We shall not share your personal data with anyone, if it is not a legal oblication. Only if you are a new potential customer located near our resellers, we may email your enquiry there, but we will in that case give you a notice about it.
But some of the applications that we have used to implement our web services do collect data and they may share data also with external participants. See “Privacy policies of third party”. Read also carefully privacy policies of social media application providers.

How long we retain your data

We retain your data one year after contact form has been delivered to us unless your contact grows into longer communication or a business relationship.

Customer information is not removed, if it is still essential for our task to provide information on your Stonepower equipment. It is possible for any device manufacturer, that there will be found a bug or defect in a product that has been delivered to customers. In that case all product owners must be informed. This is a compelling reason to retain customer information. It is a security issue for both of us.

Information related to employees is held according to the law.

Logistics related personal information is retained as long as we use that particular company’s services or we are informed that the contact person in question has changed position or company.

Sponsored contacts stay in our register due to future planning of sponsoring. Sponsored athletic clubs etc stay in register for future planning and for bookkeeping purposes.

What rights you have over your data

Right of subject access means that you can make a request under the Data Protection Act to any organisation processing your personal data. You can also request that that organisation erases any personal data they hold about you. This does not include any data they are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes. You can do that by sending a written request to the data controller including your full name, address and contact telephone number; any information used by the organisation to identify you (account numbers, unique ID’s etc), details of the specific information you require and any relevant dates, for example emails in a specified time frame.

How we protect your data

Only authorized people can access your information.

Code security
Open code (open source)
Wordpress, WordPress plugins and Thunderbird are open source code. This means that code is open for anyone to check it and that the most of those people who code, don’t get direct financial benefit of their work. It is harder to hide secret functions into code like surveillance, hacking, attack or other criminal functionalities, when the code is open for all at alltimes.

The GNU general public license:

The servers that we use, except social media servers, are looked after by and Social media servers are located and secured according to third party company’s choices.

The supplier register server is located in Finland in premises that fulfill the requirements set by Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority according to 48A/2003 concerning “Important premises”. It defines the demand for physical protection of communication network against fire, water and burglary. The network is also protected by a firewall. CRM, web and email server is also located in Finland. The server is protected by a firewall and the server lies in Level 2 segmented network. Only the authorized people can access these servers.

Most of the devices and the installed applications are manufactured and controlled outside the European Union.

Wordpress security:

Device security
Communication devices, that are used to contact the supplier, read or process the personal data, have a password or a PIN enquiry or another means of restricting unauthorized users to access the data. They are connected only to known networks, that have a firewall enabled. The communication devices have a security software installed.
We use the following security programs to scan the devices: Windows defender, or

Print security
We avoid printing your personal information out. If we have to do that, we keep it in a locker and distroy it when it is not needed anymore. The law may require retaining of data due to bookkeeping obligations.


What you can do to increase your security
Remember to keep careful track of your accounts at social media service providers. Basic advice is available here: and here:

What data breach procedures we have in place

Servers where our databases are located are under constant physical and sw-based surveillance. If there is data breach, we will be informed. If we have a data breach we inform those whose information has leaked.

We analyze the cause for a breach and take necessary actions to prevent similar type of causes in the future.

What third parties we receive data from
We receive information from you only if you contact us directly. We get only non-personally identifiable information out of our statistics and security applications. See details in:
”Third party privacy policies”

What automated decision making and/or profiling we do with user data
We don’t profile or use automated decision making based on your user data.

Who should I contact to receive information you have about me

You can obtain from the data controller confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning you is being processed, where and for what purpose.
Data controller: Petri Lehtinen, Tel. +358 40 588 2755,

Who can I ask to remove my information

Data controller will remove your personal information from our register if you ask it and there are no legal bases to keep it.
Contact our data controller: Petri Lehtinen, Tel +358 40 588 2755,

After that there’s still information on you in the internet, especially if you have used social media.

Additional information
See declarations for each register in our database.

1 Customer register
2 Supplier register
3 Business partner register
4 Sponsorship register