Our company story

Kiukaisten Asennuspalvelu Oy started manufacturing rock drilling equipment in 2000. The first surface drilling rig under the brand Stonepower came off the production line in 2007. Originally established in 1996, Kiukaisten Asennuspalvelu was a multi-sector company whose first line of business was electrical and HVAC installations. The work tasks led to industrial maintenance, from which hydraulic equipment developed into one substantial areas of our expertise.

In 2019 Kiukaisten Asennuspalvelu Oy merged with Rockrobot Oy. Since then, Rockrobot Oy has developed, manufactured and sold Stonepower products.

Throughout the years in operation, an important backbone of the company have been satisfied customers and a focus on efficient and modern equipment used in surface drilling.

We have worked in stone works ourselves, so we know what is required of the equipment. We realized that we were missing features that were not available on the market before. We also listen particularly carefully to what our customers want. We have enthusiasm, know-how and experience in developing and manufacturing various rock drilling equipment.

The Stonepower team strives to meet the tough challenge of durability and efficiency set for rock drilling equipment in the drill rig’s own size category: a crawler-tracked 350° rotating hydraulic surface drilling rig can fit and operate in spaces where most rock drilling equipment are too massive and cumbersome. By succeeding in our goal, we are able to lower entrepreneurs’ threshold to acquire high-quality and heavy-duty equipment for assignments in the mining and stone construction industry.

Stonepower – Nordic quality production

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Our vision

We want to be a distinctive partner that brings the most added value to customers in selected markets.

We want to keep promoting our customers’ business and bring them new opportunities to do their jobs. We always try to listen to customers’ opinions and react to them quickly.

Our mission

We keep rock moving

Stonepower surface drilling rigs are truly “working machines”. You can be sure to rely on their operational reliability. When service or maintenance is needed, spare parts are easily available and the Stonepower rigs are easy to maintain. Technical support is available and reachable for all our customers. We pride on taking good care of our customers!

Our values




We are a bold and value-added developer in the field. Our operations are based on trust, a sense of responsibility and genuine cooperation that respects others.