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Kiukaisten Asennuspalvelu Oy is a diversified company established in 1996. In the past fifteen years, the company has focused on the manufacture and product development of rock drilling and excavation equipment, as well as in the maintenance and further development of machinery and equipment for the stone industry. We work in close cooperation with our customers and develop our products in view of the demanding circumstances that they are used in. We have about ten employees. Rockrobot Oy bought in May 2015 a major share of stock in Kiukaisten Asennuspalvelu Oy, so we belong now to a bigger entity.

We comprehend ourselves as a large group, which includes our customers and partners and which continuously aims to achieve and develop know-how in rock drilling. See pictures from these joyful meetings!

The first Stonepower rock drill came off the production line in 2000. Our customers play an important role in the manufacture of our equipment. Our product development is to a large extent based on their needs and expectations.

Stonepower team offers inspiration, knowledge, skills and experience in developing and manufacturing machinery and equipment for the rock drilling, excavation and stone industry.

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