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    Mr. Mikko Mäkimattila has been
    appointed CEO of RockRobot Oy

    Mikko Mäkimattila (49), M.Sc. (Agricultural and Forestry Sciences) has started 1st of October as the Managing Director of RockRobot Oy, which manufactures and sells rock drilling rigs. He has previously held various international business management positions in the agricultural and engineering industries. In addition, he has experience working on the boards of large companies.

    ‘RockRobot Oy is in an interesting stage of development and I see great potential for its products in the global market. It is great to get involved in developing and internationalizing the company in the future’, says Mäkimattila.

    ‘The company has a strong growth strategy. Mäkimattila’s long experience in international business is a significant asset of the company’s future development`, says Tommi Saarni, Chairman of the Board.

    More information:
    Tommi Saarni
    Chairman of the Board, RockRobot Oy