NEW! Drill & Split S150 by Stonepower & Splitstone


Drill & Split S150 by Stonepower & Splitstone

Stone Spider equipped with the SplitStone S150 wedge unit makes a perfect powerhouse for urban building sites that require efficient and noiseless quarrying in tight spaces!

The drill & split solution with Stone Spider crawler drill and SplitStone S150 wedge unit is an easy, efficient and safe solution to a variety of quarrying sites in urban conditions. Compared to traditional drill & blast solutions, the drill & split solution minimizes the amount of drilling needed, as only the minimal required number of holes are drilled.

Benefits of the Drill & Split method:

  • Can be used in all quarrying and construction sites, without blasting permits.
  • Allows carrying out many different phases of construction simultaneously, as blasting is not needed.
  • Enables also horizontal wedging to the wall and trimming of tunnel ceilings.
  • A safe method since there is no need to touch the wedge at all.
  • Only requires one person and one machine, which is much more cost efficient compared to traditional blasting methods.
  • Allows quarrying in tight places where only one machine can fit, e.g. subsurface drainage sites around apartment buildings.
  • The machine changeover time is completely eliminated and e.g. excavators can focus on the actual excavation work.
  • The wedge unit integrated into the crawler drill significantly extends the service life of the wedges. The wedge automatically aligns with the drill hole, unlike when the wedge device is used e.g. installed on an excavator.

Download brochure of the Drill & Split solution!


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