Use of drilling rigs in rock consolidation


Use of drilling rigs in rock consolidation

Stonepower drilling rigs are designed to be multi-purpose and convertible, which makes them perfectly suitable for various ways of consolidation.

Consolidation is used to strengthen and reinforce the excavated rock, preventing it from collapsing in both above-ground and underground sites. Safe and durable structures are created by consolidating the rock, i.e. by improving its load-bearing capacity.

Strengths of the Stonepower drilling rigs in the different working stages of consolidation:

  • Remote control
  • Excellent reach both horizontally and vertically
  • Good boom geometry
  • Roto boom as standard feature
  • Efficient drill
  • Hose drum as a standard feature
  • Cylinder feeding

Download the Stonepower brochure about rock consolidation!


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